By Rob Arndt



Based on the experiences of Stalingrad street fighting, on November 22, 1942 Hitler approved the production of a single Rammtiger - barricade and obstacle destroyer. Porsche completed the planning stage by December 7, 1942 and by January 5, 1943, Hitler decided that three VK4501(P) chassis’ were to be modified and converted to Rammtiger / Räumpanzer Tiger(P). This lightly armed (with MG) vehicle was to be a standard VK4501(P) hull mounted with a streamlined upper superstructure and front mounted ramming plow.

In theory, the streamlined shape of the superstructure would allow the collapsed rubble to simply slide off the vehicle. In May 1943, three superstructures were completed and three Rammtigers were ready by August 1943. Their fate is unknown after August 1943, but it is unlikely that they saw any combat and probably remained at the Nibelungen Werke. Other sources state that only a single 1:10 or 1:15 scale model was made when the entire concept was rejected and the three Tiger(P) chassis’ were used as previously planned. No authenticated photo has ever emerged of the Rammtiger in Russian captivity.


Rare photo of obstacle-clearing specialized Panther tank

Demonstration photo of Rammtiger captured by
Russians parked at front of Russian tanks



Model depiction of Rammtiger prototype without ram plough installed, open view port probably used for driving tests

Side profile of model Rammtiger showing the sloping armor designed to deflect falling debris

~ Both model images of unknown origin ~

Model by Valentin Bueno





*** Ray has posted in my Forum: "This vehicle was never built & the photo is a fake from an article in a plastic-modelling magazine. While doing research into another vehicle for the V.W. / Porsche Archiv, I read that at least one & up to four of the upper carapaces may have been fabricated but none were finished or mounted on a chassis.

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