ADMK Wheel-cum-Track Tankette "Mulus"


By Rob Arndt


Produced in 1935, this Austrian wheel-cum-track tankette had the unique arrangement that was able to swing the front wheels upward via gear-driven arms. They then could be removed and put into brackets on the rear of the vehicle. The rear wheels could also be removed by driving the tracks up on blocks. A strange feature was that the front arms acted as a framework for the driver's seat.

A very odd armored vehicle, little is known of its status with the German Army.



Weight: 1.56 tons


Engine: Daimler, air-cooled 4 cylinder @20 hp


Performance: (tracks) 10 mph/ (wheels) 27 mph


Range: 450 km


Length: (tracks) 8 ft 6 in/ (wheels) 11 ft 8 in


Width: (tracks) 3 ft 5 in/ (wheels) 4 ft 1 in


Height: (tracks) 3 ft 11 in/ (wheels) 4 ft 2 in





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From 1936, the RR7 was developed by Saurer as an artillery tractor for the Austrian army. Testing was completed and in 1937, an order was placed for the tractors which were manufactured in 1938. About 12 vehicles were made prior to "Anschluss". After Austria was incorporated into Germany in 1938, the vehicle continued to be manufactured. Records indicate that a total of 140 units were built. The new designator for Germany was Sd Kfz 254. Notable features of this tank were its wheel-cum-track layout and a diesel motor.